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Getting consistent feedback from you customers helps insure they’re staying happy and engaged. Not getting the feedback from customers you hoped for? Here are some things you might want to check and some tips for getting more feedback.

  1. Check to insure your rating snippet is placed correctly.
  2. Send a test email with your rating snippet in the signature and click the feedback rating links (faces) to make sure they are working properly.
  3. Make sure your rating snippet is displayed prominently in your email signature line.
  4. Use the QR code rating snippet printed out on business cards, time slips, desk signs, posters, etc. to gather feedback after speaking engagements, trade shows, shift assignments, front desk employees, etc.
  5. Be sure to style the customer rating page with your brand. Doing so helps customers unfamiliar with Hively know they’re in the right place for leaving feedback.
  6. Request a rating within Hively after speaking with customers on the phone, giving a webinar, conducting training or having a meeting.
  7. Tell your customers about Hively – what it is and why you’re using it. It will help them understand your interest in their feedback. Here’s a great example.

The best tip we can give you for getting feedback – don’t be afraid to ask for it!