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November 16th, 2011

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Many of our customers have asked how they can best inform their customers about Hively. Informing your customers about Hively and how it works is a great way to engage with and encourage them to give you feedback with Hively. This way, when they see the Hively rating snippet in your email or in a request it won’t seem out of place.

There are lots of options for informing your customers from posting it in a blog, sending it an email or having a conversation with them about it. To make it easier – we’ve created an email for you! If you click on the link below you will go to a page with a sample email that can be used to inform your customers about Hively.

To use this email, simply highlight the contents between the top and bottom dotted lines. Now, copy the contents and paste them into any email client or email marketing system that accepts HTML.

Feel free of course to change any of the text or apply/change any of the styling in the email before you send it.

Hively customer email: