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Yes, teams can be nested within teams in Hively as deeply as you need. Parent teams are created exactly as you would create a regular team and can have users assigned to them if that’s needed. Sub-teams can also have Team Leaders assigned and this is one of the main benefits. To place a team within a team, create the parent team (e.g. North America), then create or edit the child team (e.g. North America – Helpdesk). At that point you’ll be able to select the parent team that the sub-team belongs to.

Once that’s done, whenever the parent team is selected within Hively or is otherwise relevant (e.g. sending notifications to a Team Leader for that team), the results will be for that team. This affects the following areas:

  • On the Leaderboard, if you select a team with sub-teams, you’ll see totals, users etc for the team including its sub-teams.
  • Where a Team Leader of a team with sub-teams selects the All Ratings tab.
  • Notifications sent to a Team Leader of a team with sub-teams.
  • When reporting on teams with sub-teams.