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After subscribing to a paid Hively plan, you will see two new lines on the chart on the All Ratings page. This line are ‘Benchmark CSAT’ and ‘Industry CSAT’. CSAT is a Customer Satisfaction score, also known as a Happiness percentage. The CSAT calculation is simply Happy + Wow ratings as a percentage of total ratings which is the same calculation used for Happiness % (the purple line) on the chart.

The Benchmark and Industry CSATs are included to show how your Happiness % compares to others. Of course, Hively’s customer base is made up of companies that care a lot about customer satisfaction, so if you can keep up with the benchmarks, you’re doing very well!

The Benchmark CSAT is derived from the whole Hively customer base, whereas the Industry CSAT is based on your Industry, which can be set as follows:

  • Select Profile from the main menu under the Account heading
  • Select a value from the Industry list
  • Click Update

If no industry is selected on the Profile page you will only see the Benchmark CSAT on the chart.