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Hively measures the customer happiness for your team by providing a total team customer happiness score. The team score is derived from the total points each of your users has received. Your users get points every time they get a customer rating. Each rating type has it’s own point value and there are some ‘bonus’ ways of earning points. The rating types are the different colored faces (Happy, Satisfied, Unhappy).

The rating type point values are:

Happy Rating = 1 Point


Satisfied Rating = 0 Points


Unhappy Rating = -1 Point


WOW = +1 Point (1 point for the Happy rating + 1 point for the WOW!)


So for example:

Let’s say you have 2 users.

User #1: Joe Smith

Joe gets the following ratings: 3 Happy (1 point each) | 2 Satisfied (0 points each) | 1 Unhappy (-1 point each)

His total score would be: 2

User #2: Sally Smith

Sally gets the following ratings: 5 Happy (1 point each) | 2 Satisfied (0 points each) | 2 Unhappy (-1 point each) | 2 of the 5 Happy ratings were WOWs (+1 point each)

Her total score would be: 5

Your total Team score is: 7

You can view the score for each team score on the leaderboard page of Hively. The user’s score will change based on your filter settings of last 7 days, last 30 days or all time.