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Oh honesty! Yes, we’d like to think no one would be this dishonest. However, it could happen right? So what do we do about it?

Right now there are two preventative measures to protect against users self ratings (or friend ratings).

1) If any user receives 5 or more ratings from the same IP address within the last seven days we display a warning icon on that rating: 


This alerts you that something unusual might be going on. It could mean the user is self rating or someone they know is rating them. If it’s from your work IP address then the issue should be obvious. It could possibly be an overly eager customer, but the warning symbol at least gives you the opportunity to look into the issue and make your own decision as to how to handle it.

When you click on the ‘Show Detail’ view of a user you can see if any such alerts exist. If you hover over the warning icon it will provide you with the IP address and the number of ratings connected to this warning. If you click on the warning icon it will reveal all the other ratings connected to this warning.

2) If you suspect any ratings as being fraudulent, as the Account Administrator, you can remove these ratings. Account Administrators have the ability to delete any user ratings for any reason. Find the rating you want to delete on the users rating page or the All Ratings page. Then, select ‘Delete rating’ from the More menu next to the rating.

Click on this and the rating for this user will be removed. Once a rating is removed it removes all data associated with the rating and changes the user’s and team’s scores.