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Hively measures the customer happiness for each team member by providing a team member customer happiness score. The team member score is derived from the total points the team members has received.

Your team members get points every time they get a customer rating. Each rating type has it’s own point value. The rating types are the different colored faces (Happy, Satisfied, Unhappy).

The rating type point values are:

Happy Rating = 1 Point


Satisfied Rating = 0 Points


Unhappy Rating = -1 Point


WOW = +1 Point (1 point for the Happy rating + 1 point for the WOW!)


So for example:

Let’s say you have 2 team members.

Team Member #1: Joe Smith

Joe gets the following ratings: 3 Happy (1 point each) | 2 Satisfied (0 points each) | 1 Unhappy (-1 point each)

His total score would be: 2

Team Member #2: Sally Smith

Sally gets the following ratings: 5 Happy (1 point each) | 2 Satisfied (0 points each) | 2 Unhappy (-1 point each) | 2 of the 5 Happy ratings were WOWs (+1 point each)

Her total score would be: 5

Your total Team score is: 7

You can view the score for each team score on the leaderboard page of Hively. The team members score will change based on your fileter settings of last 7 days, last 30 days or all time.