ToolBox -

Simple. Select ‘Add & remove members’ from the menu in the top-right.

Once there, you can add team members by:

  1. Entering team members one by one. Simply fill out the name and email address and click the Add Team Member button.
  2. Entering them in bulk. To do this, set the toggle from Single to Bulk and type team member information into the text box on the left side. Enter team members one per line in the convention of ‘name, email’ (without the ‘quotes’). Example: john, or John Jones,
  3. Copying from another document. If you have a list of team members in another document (Word, Excel, etc.) listed in the convention of ‘name, email’ (without the ‘quotes’) (Example: john, set the toggle fro Single to Bulk, copy your list of Team Members and paste it directly into the Team Members text box. Be sure there is only one team member per line in your list.

How many Team Members can you add?

You can have up to a total of three team members of the free tier. On paid plans, there is no limit to the number of team members you can add. If you’re on a monthly plan, your new number of team members will be reflected in your monthly charge. For annual plans, a charge will be generated when the team member is added for the remaining months until renewal. Then, when your annual plan renews, the new team member will be charged along with the other users on your account.