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November 9th, 2011

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Absolutely. Hively lets your customers give you real time feedback with 1 click. They can give you this feedback anywhere you place a Hively rating snippet. There are several rating snippet options and they can be placed anywhere HTML is accepted. In addition, you can gather customer feedback offline through QR codes.

Each user in Hively has access to the Rating Snippet Gallery. Here they will find multiple snippet options. As the team leader, you can set the default snippet for your team – but each user can still use different snippets for different situations.

Here are some examples:

Use the Classic, Single Link or Sleek snippets in your HTML email signature. Now, every time you email a customer you can show them you’re interested in receiving their feedback.

Use the El Grande or Multi Links in your ticket tracking system or web forum. This way, when you send a ticket or answer a question in a forum, you’re customers can rate the response.

Use the Full HTML snippet to paste into your email marketing campaigns or issue resolution email. If you solve an issue for a customer have your CRM or ticket tracking system send out an email asking if their issue was solve to their satisfaction. Or, periodically check in with your customers by sending out an email asking for feedback.

The QR code snippet option lets you download a QR Code that can be printed onto name badges, placards, timesheets, business cards, posters, signs – anywhere you can think of. Now, your customers can give you feedback directly through their smart phones.

Try using all or combinations of these different methods so you’re sure to gather customer feedback at every touch point.