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Yes! When a customer leaves a rating for one of your users they are taken to the ‘Customer Rating Page.’ Once a customer leaves you feedback they are then taken to the ‘Thanks Page.’ Account Administrators can customize the messages on both of these pages and the messages can change based on the type of feedback received. Fancy!

We recommend you customize the messages on the Customer Rating Page to encourage customers to leave more details on their feedback. For the Thanks page, we recommend you leave ‘Thanks’ messages appropriate to the rating type the customer gave.

To customize these messages do the following:

  1. Select Customization from the main menu under Configuration.
  2. The default view is for the Happy rating. You can customize the messages for the Satisfied and Unhappy ratings by clicking on the Satisfied and Unhappy smileys respectively.
  3. Enter the text you want the customers to see on the Customer Rating Page via Rating Message for Happy/Satisfied/Unhappy
  4. Enter the text you want the customers to see on the Thanks page via Thanks Message for Happy/Satisfied/Unhappy