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February 22nd, 2017

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Paid Hively accounts can set the level of access that Team Members have to their Hively ratings. There are three levels of access to choose from:

  1. Team Members can see details of their own ratings and the Leaderboard. This is the default and is the level of access for all free accounts.
  2. Team Members can see details of their own ratings but can’t see the Leaderboard
  3. Team Members can’t see any rating information. Notifications are automatically turned off for Team Members when this level of access is selected.

How do I set the level of access?

Under the Account heading on the main menu, select the Profile page. From there, you’ll see the options listed above under the heading Team Member Access. Just select the level you require and click Update.

What about Admins and Team Leaders?

This setting doesn’t affect the level of access of Team Leaders and Administrators. Team Leaders can see the Leaderboard, their own ratings and their team’s ratings. Administrators can see the Leaderboard and all ratings.