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QR Code stands for Quick Response Codes. Basically, they’re like a UPC symbol that provides you with information once they are scanned. Typically, QR Codes take users to web pages for more information.

You can scan a QR Code with any QR Code reader/scanner typically found in the form of an app on your smart phone. In iTunes or the Android app store simply search for ‘QR Code Reader’ or ‘QR Code Scanner’ and you’ll have many options to choose from. Like any app, some are free and some cost money. The free ones work just fine and in no case should you spend more than $4.99 for one.

Once your QR Code reader is installed on your smart phone you’re ready to go! Next time you see a QR Code out in the wild simply bring up your QR Code Reader app, scan the image (most will do this for you automatically when they focus) and you will be presented with the QR Code’s information. In most cases this means you’ll be taken to a website. In some cases though you’ll have an image displayed, text message, phone number or image.

QR Codes are increasingly in popularity and we predict you’ll see them on almost everything soon. They are a great way to bridge the offline with the online world. They’re great for marketing, easy to access and universal to smartphones devices.

Give it a try – scan the image below: