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A user generally belongs to one team within Hively, however if you need to be a user in several different team accounts you can do this through different email and login credentials.

How do you do this?

If you are a user for one team and want to be a user of another, you simply need to be invited by an Account Administrator. To be clear though, if you are invited to be a user in different teams with different email addresses you will need to access each of these accounts separately, with separate login credentials and separate email addresses.

Why ?

The primary reason is because your personal email snippet within Hively is tied to your email address. You can only have one email signature in your email and therefore only one personal email signature snippet through Hively. If you are a part of multiple teams within the same company and want to keep the ratings specific to those teams, you will need to be added to the different teams by an Account Administrator. You’ll also need to have separate email addresses for each team and access the different Hively through those separate emails.