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If this is the case it’s most likely that where you are attempting to paste it doesn’t accept HTML. Even so, there are still a few options you have for using Hively.

1) Be sure you’ve highlighted, copied and pasted the entire snippet into this space and that the HTML is still not activating. If you work for a company with an IT or other technical team you might want to ask them if they know for sure if this area accepts HTML.

2) Your users can request customer feedback through the ‘Rating Request‘ feature in Hively. From the ‘My Ratings’ page each user has a button at the top that says ‘Request Rating.’ Clicking this allows users to request feedback from one or multiple recipients at the same time. Users can create a custom message with their picture and send it to customers in a full body email, asking for feedback from the customer. This is a great option for requesting feedback after meetings, phone calls, presentations, trainings, etc.

3) You can paste the ‘Single Link’ snippet into your desired location. Since it won’t be clickable (because the HTML won’t be accepted) you’ll need to do the following:

  • In Hively select Snippets from the main menu under Configuration
  • Click the ‘Get Snippet’ button on the ‘Single Link’ snippet. Click the the ‘Show HTML’ toggle. Copy the URL for your customer rating page out of this snippet. In your CRM, paste this URL with some leading text like “Copy and paste this URL into your browser to give me feedback.” This way, at least people have the option of going to this URL if they choose.