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No problem. Often times new Hively users “practice” by giving themselves and their users members ratings during their trail period. However, you won’t want these ratings displaying or affecting scores when you’re ready to use Hively in production. Therefore, we’ve made it easy for Account Administrators to delete ratings for users.

As an Account Administrator, find the user you’re looking for on your Leaderboard. Click the ‘Show Details’ link under the ‘Actions’ dropdown in the top right hand corner of their display summary section. This will take you to the detail view of all this user’s ratings. Next to the rating you want to delete, select ‘Delete Rating’ from the ‘More’ menu. When you click Delete you will be asked to confirm this deletion request (we wouldn’t want you accidentally deleting the wrong rating!). After confirming deletion, the rating will be removed and associated rating points will be dismissed from all totals.

You can also delete any rating you choose from the ‘All Ratings’ page.