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Team members see the summary information for each team member (scores, number of ratings, percent of each rating type) but not the details of each rating. Account administrators can see the details of each rating for all team members, team leaders can see the details of ratings of members of their own team or teams. Each team member can also see the details for each of their individual ratings.

We built Hively in the spirit of positive competition. If all of your team members are competing to get the highest customer happiness score possible then you’re customers (and ultimately your team) wins.

Many customer feedback systems fail to give the data they gather to the people that need it most – the ones interacting with the customers. By directly providing team members with their feedback and giving them comparative team information, they can easily see where they need to improve or what they should continue to do to stay in the lead!

With that said, if you would like to restrict the level of access a user has to ratings data, this can be done by selecting Profile from the main menu under the Account heading. From here you can select a different Team Member Access setting.