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Currently, Hively provides you with data on your customer happiness and team member performance on the ‘All Ratings’ page. This page is accessible by all Team Leaders and Account Administrators. For Team Leaders, only ratings for members of their team or teams is shown whereas for Account Administrators, ratings for all team members are shown.

To get here, click on the ‘All Ratings’ page in the top menu. You will be taken to the All Ratings page. On this page you can filter the ratings by Happy, Satisfied and Unhappy and indicate if you only want to view ratings with WOW’s and/or comments. You can view this data for the last 7 days, last 30 or all time. You can also choose to view this data for your entire team, an individual team member or your customers. To view for a customer simply filter by their email address or their domain name. Example: ‘’ or just ‘’ – no quotes needed.

The top section will show you trends for your different rating types and your overall customer happiness. It will also display each individual rating below so you can see details. All of this data can be downloaded into a .CSV file.

Remember – you can also get a summary of your teams performance emailed to you daily or weekly by activating this notification.