What is Hively?

Date: March 25th, 2011 | Category: Top Questions, Why Use Hively?

Hively provides you with a real-time customer  feedback and employee rewards solution. Through Hively, you will increase your customer happiness by constantly interacting with them and asking one very important question…’how did i do?’ Your customers can answer this question any time they want, making it convenient for them to provide you with feedback.
Most companies try to gather customer feedback with surveys. But surveys have a low engagement rate because they’re time consuming to create and to complete. In addition, survey data is difficult to act upon because it’s aggregated, not real time and rarely (if ever) makes it’s way to the people who need it most – the employees interacting with your customers.
Hively invites customers to give feedback in a fun and engaging way with every interaction, and it motivates employees to constantly improve their personal customer happiness score. You can measure your user’s performance on the Hively leaderboard and see who has the top customer happiness score for the week, month and all time.
The more feedback your customers give, the easier it is for you to measure their happiness and keep them as customers.
Happy customers, make happy teams. That’s Hively.

With Hively you can:

  • Stop guessing about your customer happiness
  • Improve your customer engagement and retention rate with a simple way to gather ongoing, real time feedback
  • Easily measure and compare your team’s customer happiness trends
  • Motivate and reward your team with a fun way to improve their individual and overall performance

Hively is perfect for:

  • Staffing and recruiting agencies
  • Customer support companies
  • Educators
  • Government employees, political organizations and non-profits
  • Tech and software companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Law firms
  • Real estate and property management companies
  • Your company! (You knew that was coming)

It’s easy, effective and fun!

  • Simple set up
  • Nothing to install
  • No training required
  • Get your whole team up and running in minutes
  • Affordable pricing plans including a free plan and free trial

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