Can we force a customer to give us their name when they leave a rating?

Date: April 5th, 2011 | Category: Customer Ratings

If you are on a Premium plan you have the option of whether you want to allow customers to leave you anonymous feedback. If you choose not to allow this, all customers will be required to complete some or all of the fields on the rating page prior to submitting feedback. For the standard field set, Account Administrators can determine this setting by select Fields from the main menu and selecting the fields (Name, Email and Comment) for each rating type (Happy, Satisfied and Unhappy) that you would like to be mandatory. Remember to click Submit when you’re done.

If you have already set up a custom field set, the process is slightly different. To select which fields are required, select Fields from the main menu, then click Edit next to your custom field set. Then, in the form on the right, click Edit next to a field. From there, select the fields that you would like to be mandatory and click Update Field. Do this for each field in the field set that you would like to modify.

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