Can I add, remove or modify fields on the rating page?

Date: June 20th, 2018 | Category: Customer Ratings

The following changes can be made to the fields on the rating page by customers on paid plans:

Setting core fields as required or optional

If you want to stick to the core fields, but want to make one or more field mandatory for Happy, Satisfied or Unhappy ratings, do the following.

Adding, removing and modifying the fields on the rating page

In order to make more substantial changes to the fields on the rating page than changing their required status you will need to create a new Field Set and set it as the default, as follows:

Including a dropdown list or text box on the rating page

Fields on the rating page can display as either a text field (the default), text box or dropdown list. When adding or editing a field within a Field Set, select the Field Type that you require. If you select ‘dropdown list’, a subsequent field will be shown where you can enter the values that are to be included in the list.
The list’s values should be entered using the pipe character as a separator. E.g. ‘Apples | Oranges | Bananas’. To enter a pipe character on a standard keyboard, hold down [shift] and click the slash (‘\’) key which should be above the [enter] key.

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