How does Hively improve customer happiness?

Date: March 25th, 2011 | Category: Why Use Hively?

Hively gives your customers a convenient and simple way to show their  happiness with your company. They can do this with one click, whenever they want and on any interaction they have with you. This empowers your customers with more direct access to your company and assures them you’ll be more responsive to your needs.

In addition, you’ll experience higher customer engagement. Customer responses will come to you frequently and in real time. You can instantly gather and measure feedback to respond quickly to important issues and improve your customer service.

By measuring customer happiness at every interaction you enable your customers to give you feedback easily, quickly and often. Without a way to measure this, you’re simply guessing at your customer happiness.  Many companies only use periodic and time consuming methods (such as surveys) to assess customer happiness. This method requires customers to leave feedback at the time of your choosing – not theirs. Further, you’re asking them to give up a decent amount of time by filling out a complete survey.

Hively also allows your customers to leave feedback anonymously. This gives your customers the ability to be more honest without risking any perceived damage to their relationship with your company.

Perhaps most importantly, customer feedback goes straight to the people who need it most (your users) in real time. Empowering your team to get real time feedback on their performance only serves to help them constantly improve.

How does Hively improve your customer happiness? That’s a question we’re asking back to you. Leave your comments below.

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