Can’t I get the same or better client satisfaction feedback with surveys?

Date: April 5th, 2011 | Category: Why Use Hively?

Perhaps. But we don’t think so.

There are several problems with trying to collect client feedback with surveys:

  1. They take a lot of time to set up, send out and measure the results.
  2. There is a lot of subjective interpretation that goes into the understanding of the questions you’re asking your clients.
  3. You’re asking your clients to fill something out when you want them to – not when it’s convenient to them.
  4. Surveys are often generalized to capture feedback about your company, product(s) and/or service(s) as a whole – not individual user performance that can be easily aggregated to an overall team satisfaction rating.
  5. Surveys often go out only periodically. A lot can happen in between these periods – good an bad. With periodic surveys, you don’t have the ability to capture these up and down trends. You’re also missing out on good testimonial opportunities and the need to address serious issues quickly.
  6. They’re time consuming. Even if you think you’re going to limit the questions, most companies don’t. Regardless, the word ‘survey’ alone typically makes people think they have to give up a decent amount fo their time.
  7. Most surveys aren’t anonymous. Anonymity makes some people feel more comfortable in leaving feedback.
  8. There is rarely a consistent mechanism with which you are measuring the feedback provided.
  9. Often times, the person sending out a survey is largely disconnected from the daily interactions between your staff and your customers.
  10. Most people will only go to the trouble to leave you feedback through a survey if they’re unhappy with your service or if you’re offering them some kind of incentive for doing so.
  11. Aggregated survey feedback data rarely makes it’s way out to the people the need the data the most – the people actually providing your customer interactions.

So how is Hively better?

  1. It’s easy to set up and it’s sent out with every email exchange.
  2. The results are immediate and easy to measure.
  3. There is nothing subjective about rating someone on the question ‘How did I do?’ with either a happy, satisfied or unhappy face.
  4. Your customers can leave feedback when and however often it’s convenient for them.
  5. You get specific satisfaction ratings on individuals that are ongoing and in real time. This makes the actionable and gives you the ability to see trends. Each individual user score makes up your entire team score.
  6. Users are notified in real time of their feedback ratings.
  7. Because customers can rate your users as often as they like, you’re able to capture more feedback, quickly. With Hively, you can quickly spot up and down trends. You also won’t miss out on good testimonial opportunities and the need to address serious issues quickly.
  8. Customers can provide ratings with one click. Time consuming? No.
  9. Clients have a choice of leaving anonymous or detailed feedback.
  10. Hively provides you with a consistent mechanism with which you can measure feedback provided.
  11. Hively creates an environment where everyone is being rated by the same standard and creates a culture of providing exceptional customer service.
  12. Because it’s easy, convenient and fun, customers will be motivated to leave both good and bad feedback often.


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