How to add, remove and manage teams

Date: May 18th, 2016 | Category: Team Settings

Hively accounts can be split up into multiple teams. This can be useful:

If that’s you, teams can be set up as follows. When logged in as the Account Administrator of a premium account, select Manage Teams from the main menu and click the Add Team button. From there you can fill in the team’s details and assign your Team Leaders and Team Members. Click Create Team to save your changes.

The Team Leader can also be a member of the same team. If that’s what you would like, be sure to add them to both the Team Leader and Team Member lists.

Teams can also be placed within other teams. If you do this, then the sub-team’s members and ratings will be rolled up into the parent team throughout Hively such as when viewing the parent team on the Leaderboard or sending notifications to Team Leaders of the parent team. You can nest teams within teams as deeply as you like (it’s Team-ception!).

Customizing a team

Customize the look, feel and messaging of the rating and Thanks pages for a specific team as follows. From the Manage Teams page, click the Edit link next to the team you would like to customize. From there, click the Customize button at the top of the page.

Adding additional teams

To add more teams, click the Add Team button at the top of the Manage Teams page.

Editing a team

From the Manage Teams page, click the Edit link next to the name of the team you’d like to edit. Make the necessary changes to the team’s details and click the Update Team button to save your changes.

Removing a team

From the Manage Teams page, click the Remove link next to the name of the team you’d like to edit and confirm when prompted.

Viewing a team’s Leaderboard

By default, the leaderboard will show summary metrics for all users on an account. If you have teams set up on your account, you will see a Team menu to the right of the account name on the Leaderboard. From here, you can select the name of a team and metrics for only that team will be displayed.

Viewing a Team Member’s ratings

Team Leaders can view their Team Member’s ratings on the All Ratings page but can’t reassign or delete ratings. Account Administrators can view ratings for all team members on the account and can reassign or delete ratings.

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