Changing the language on your rating page

Date: August 3rd, 2016 | Category: Customer Messages, Languages, Team Settings

Paid Hively accounts have the option to change the language used on your rating page, or even to set up different rating pages for different languages on the one account. You can specify a language as:

  1. The default language for your whole account.
  2. The default language for a user.
  3. An additional language for a user.

When a language is specified, that language is used in all parts of Hively that are shown to your customers. That is, on the rating page, the ‘thanks’ page that displays after a rating is left, the ‘thanks’ email and in the snippets that have been sent for that language.

Changing your account’s language

To change your account’s language:

  1. Log into Hively as an Account Administrator of your paid account.
  2. Select Profile from the main menu under the Account heading.
  3. Choose your language and click Update

Changing a user’s language

A user’s default language can be selected when inviting them to join your account. If you would like to change the language at a later time:

This is all you need to do to have the rating page and related pages show in the user’s new default language. However for the wording in the user’s snippet to reflect this change, the user can edit the wording directly, or you can resend the snippet to them from the ‘More’ menu next to the user’s name on the Leaderboard.

Adding additional languages for a user

Users who communicate in more than one language can get extra snippets for those languages. Multi-lingual users often switch between email signatures as needed. So, to work with more than one language, the default Hively snippet should be added to their main signature and the alternative snippet should be added to their alternative signature. Just email us at with details of your multi-lingual users and we’ll send you back the alternative snippets that they will need to use in their alternative signatures.

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