What is included in the different Hively subscription plans?

Date: March 25th, 2011 | Category: Subscription Plans

Hively subscription pricing plans are simple. You have two options – Free or Premium. The free version is for small teams of up to 3 people and provides a limited feature set. The premium version allows for unlimited users and our full feature set. The premium version is $15/mo + $2/mo/user.

For example, if you have 10 users the monthly price for Hively is $35/mo.

We also have annual pricing options and offer a 10%+ discount for these plans. For annual plans the price is $13/mo + $1.80/mo/user. For example, if you have 10 users and choose to pay annually, the monthly price for Hively would equate to $31/mo (paid annually at $372).

Paid subscriptions include the following features:


To sign up for or change your plan:

  1. Select Subscriptions from the main menu in the top right-hand corner
  2. Choose the plan that works best for you

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