Changing or customizing your smileys

Date: July 20th, 2016 | Category: Rating Snippets, Team Branding

Hively gives you the choice of two smiley styles (hexagonal and round) right out of the box. If you want something more customized, you can upload your own!

The style you choose will be reflected on your rating page, thanks page, the thanks email sent to raters and everywhere else smileys show up throughout Hively. The smiley style will also be reflected in the snippets sent to your team members, but if you change the style, you’ll need to resend team members their snippets to make sure they have the latest.

Changing Smiley Sets

To switch to a different style of smileys:

Uploading a custom smiley set

To upload and use your own Smiley Set:

The images you upload should be PNGs of equal height and width and at least 150 pixels in each dimension.

Best of luck, we love to see what our customers come up with, so send us a mail at to show of your new smileys!

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